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What is Social Media Marketing – Tips to keep in mind

Buffer describes Social Media Marketing as “the use of social media platforms to connect with your audience to build your brand, increase sales, and drive website traffic. This involves publishing great content on your social media profiles, listening to and engaging your followers, analysing your results, and running social media advertisements”.

It’s time for you to take your business to the next level and implement Social Media Marketing (SMM). Starting can be the most difficult and tiring part. You need to figure out which social media to use and open up accounts for, think about your branding and also which logos and colours to use. Then there’s the dreaded content creation, scheduling, and maintaining a social media presence that both sell your service and product, but also give your audience a sense of who your brand is.

Just thinking about all of this could keep you up for a few nights in a row. That’s why our specialist Social Media Marketing team here at DC Lab has put together this blog to help you navigate your SMM strategy.

Tip 1: Blogs are still as relevant as always, they work – write it, optimise it, publish it

Many have mistakenly assumed that blog writing has become unnecessary or boring thinking people refer to social media for almost everything. However, blogs are more popular than ever. Neal Schaffer writes that “blogging isn’t dead, it’s reincarnated” and that could not be truer. With Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) becoming more advanced and new technologies becoming available to the market such as the Metaverse, posting blogs is so important to keep your website at the top of search engines everywhere.

Tip 2: Start anywhere

Starting your social media presence is more important than planning and curating the perfect feed. Many creators and companies alike become too strict on how a social media feed looks, rather than remembering to get out there into the world. Themes, ideas, creative direction, logos, fonts, design and everything in between can be changed over time as your business or brand identity evolves. The beauty of social media lies in the growth that can be tracked and seen over time – consumers enjoy seeing this too. The journey to success is something everybody wants to be a part of, so don’t wait until you have everything put together, just start.

Tip 3: Learn from your competitors

HubSpot captures this point perfectly by stating that, “reviewing the social accounts of your competitors can help you make sure your marketing stands out and is unique to your brand.” You don’t have to start entirely from scratch and if you find yourself stuck for ideas, looking at what your competitors are doing is a great place to find inspiration and sometimes even find a way to outdo them!

Tip 4: Keep your brand human

As a responsive marketing strategy, ensuring your brand maintains a sense of person is important. This means brands that seem to have a sense of humor or sense of care or empathy for their audience, tend to do really well. Adding a human element to your social media campaign or your social media strategy really elevates the potential for the execution to go really well. A big part of remaining human with your brand is to always remember to be inclusive and let inclusivity not just be something that you promote at a face value but something that you really try and inculcate from within.

An example could be when you run your campaign to consider if your video needs audio sound for people who are blind and therefore cannot understand the visual. Or, does your post need subtitles for people who can’t or aren’t able to listen to the video. Read more about it here.

Tip 5: Connect with your audience regularly

A big part of successful Social Media Marketing is organic community management that ensures customers and clients are always happy, that complaints are managed appropriately and that your audience feels that you are tangible and approachable. Connecting with your audience regularly also displays a sense of care for your community and the people who interact with your content.

Tip 6: Have good customer service

Going hand-in-hand with the two points above, good customer service really elevates the worthiness of spend on your business by consumers. If your brand continues to display a good sense of customer service, people will be more enticed to do business with you. If you’re unsure, here are 4 quick tips on good customer service on social media:

1. Have social media guidelines that customer support should include in their work – things to think about here is your brand voice, tone and response time for each channel, how often to answer queries, and when to escalate them.

2. ALWAYS respond no matter what the complaint is and no matter the platform it takes place on.

3. Respond as quickly as possible to avoid irritated customers – while your business hours will be clearly displayed, responding as soon as possible is always the best way to go.

4. Rather take public conversations private – this ensures that customers’ personal information is protected and allows you to personalise the customer experience for them too.

Social Media Marketing is a great asset to any marketing team. Including Social Media Marketing in your existing strategy and employing the right people to put together your social media calendar is probably the best thing that you could do for your business.

At the Digital Content Lab, we have tried and tested every method there is and we continue to learn and optimise our team to put out the best. For a Social Media audit or for any tips, tricks, or advice, contact us today.

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