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Video Editors

Video Examples

The DC Lab video division is passionate about video and we are not fussy about the work we do. Whether it's project managing a film shoot with camera crew and drones to a quick edit for social media. We are your team. 

Speak to us about:

  • Pre-production: Planning, Scripting, Storyboarding

  • Production: Filming, Sourcing, Voice Recording

  • Post-Production: Editing

Ourdoor Media Advertising

Our client IMM Graduate School asked us to use previous footage that we created to showcase their campuses on a digital billboard to market their open day event.

Online Course Welcome Video

The IMM Graduate School asked us to create a welcome video to explain to students what they can expect as they start their 10-month online course in digital marketing. 

Bean Bags and Campus Life

What's student life without bean bags and chill zones. This short collage was weaved together for social media to showcase student life at the IMM Graduate School's various campuses.

Internal Audits

WWISE asked us to create a series of fun videos that they could use on social media. We had to make a 'boring' topic and industry 'fun'. Challenge accepted. Here is the first of the series on Internal Audits.

Business Continuity

Here is the third in the series of 'fun' videos for WWISE on Business Continuity

SMME Packages

Here is the fifth in the series of 'fun' videos for WWISE on SMME Packages.

Office 365

Here is the seventh in the series of 'fun' videos for WWISE on Office 365.

Video on a Budget

We wanted to see how cheaply we could make a video. So we threw this one together in a day with nothing but a handheld gopro, some natural lighting and our own team. We had a blast. Cost was minimal and result was not too shabby. Of course mother nature delivered a perfect sunrise.

Public Sector Compliance

WWISE asked us to create a video for each of their services. And there are loads. Here is an example of one on Public Sector Compliance. We used some of the B-Roll we shot for them to add some branding flavour.

IMM Parktown Campus

This video is a snippet from a full roadshow of filming and production of the IMM Graduate Schools campuses across the country, including drone footage, interviews, student testimonials and B-roll.

The Future of Auditing 

Our client WWISE was presenting at a conference and wanted a video to add to his presentation that would explain the exciting future that lays ahead for the auditing industry. We researched, scripted and produced this one from scratch.

A Good Barista Makes It All Better

Another collage of the awesome coffee experiences at IMM Graduate School campuses.

Information Security

Here is the second in the series of 'fun' videos for WWISE on Information Security.


Here is the fourth in the series of 'fun' videos for WWISE on Maintenance

Health & Safety

Here is the sixth in the series of 'fun' videos for WWISE on Health and Safety.

Hala Energy is Coming - Teaser Ad

A new and innovative client is bringing a new energy solution to Africa. We were asked to create this teaser video for them to include in their investor pack.

Lockdown Ended - or so we thought!

We felt so happy when the fist hard lockdown ended, we put together this short social media vid. Little did we know at the time it was far from over. But at least for a short while we felt FREE.

DebtBusters in the Media

At the 11th hour we were asked to string together a series of media clips and radio interviews for a DebtBusters Investor meeting. This is what we pulled off.

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